Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The "Eyes" Have It

We have been battling the pink eye (conjunctivitis) at our house. Here's with and without pink eye pictures of the ones that have had pink eye so far. Cross your fingers and hope that the third one doesn't get it too.

Now on to other news:

1) I interviewed for full-time at the factory this morning. Keep me in your thoughts that I get on full time. The neat thing is -- they asked me to apply. I'm not even off of the temp agency probation period yet and the factory wants me. Hooray!! For this I am grateful.

2) Easter was a blast - even though it snowed the day before. Leave it to Kentucky to have such crazy weather.

3) I have been sleeping most of the day and working third shift -- yep adjusting has been tough, but on the weekends I'm teaching #1 to golf and having a blast with #2 and #3.

4) The wife and I are getting on a real budget. Tightening the belt is tough, but we don't want to have to burden family when we get in a financial pinch. Does this mean we are growing up?

5) The wife has been dragging me to church, and I throw a fit, but you know what -- I actually like it. They are teaching a Bible Class series on marriage. I laugh a lot, because I can relate and she just smiles, because she relates to a lot of the stuff and well she is Ms. Perfect. (I got permission to say that.)

Thank you all for the tugs on the wagon. I'll try to not be such a stranger and get back to posting on HNT.

Keep on tugging, not only my wagon but your own -- I'll be pullin' for you.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Overcoming My Blues Today

Hopefully it's temporary, but I got laid off today. So this song is helping to cheer me up.

Need some tuggin' here and not just the wagon (LOL).
Thanks ya'll.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kids Learn By Example


With a two year old son - you learn real quick. Monkey see, monkey do. All the more reason to keep on the wagon.

Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot, but third shift is rough. Everything is still going fine and "taking it One Day at A Time."

Go check me and my recovering friends out on HNT!!

It's good to have ya'll tuggin' with me. Happy belated Valentines Day!!